Friday, November 15, 2013

Streaming php in real-time to AJAX using PJStreamer


Got another badass idea and had some time to put it into action. After all those Js alone and php alone scripts I thought that php+Js kinda script would be awesome :). Let's dive to the issue i found. As i mentioned in my last blog post : Real-time updating of php output using flush() in all browsers php can be updated to the user really fast, if the php script is loaded directly.

But nowadays most sites are in love with AJAX (who isnt), but the tricky part is getting AJAX as of the same page as php. That's telling AJAX that "hey look php is giving stuff part by part, stream them over here like wise".

I'm just too bored to write a looooooong post bout this
so just follow the nice guide i put in the project github page :D

-->probably thr worst blog post ever

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