Thursday, July 29, 2010

Art Of Hacking [Exposed] ! - Ways of hacking

Hello everyone,
Ahh k i'm back on with the vacation, so got an idea to write kindda interesting thing. *Hacking*. So first before anything i must say that this article is for eduction purposes and what others do from what i write here is not my responsibility. Let's see, the basic idea of writting this is to spread what i learnt of hacking to others who are inerested in it, because most who know things dont give out tutorials or How To Do.. because they think that Hacking is a VERY SECRET THING! :D

The MAIN MOST IMPORTANT thing to keep in mind if your are new on this matter is that TOOLS DON'T MAKE HACKERS BUT HACKERS MAKE TOOLS. Yah i know how you feel when you see a big banner saying "Gmail hacking tool 0.blah456" becuz i was xperiencing the same thing for years till i @ last (and Least) found out that there's nothing call Hacking tool (there is but not the way you think).

Hacking or unauthorised access: this has a wide range of subjects, so as for the first article i'll try to coverup some import aspects of Web Based Hacking (Or hacking your buddy's Fb account ;). NO if you think i'm gonna post a software and say go hack it NO
theres NO TOOL OR ANYTHING that hacks the latest gmail account and give you the pwd. You must really work on your own to archieve it. The problem is HOW?

Web Based Hacking: Accounts

1) Phishing
That means stealing users' data. Therez thousands of ways to do this, Way online service like FB, Gmail, Hotmail ....... the most common way is to use a fake login, fake mail etc.. (making a fake login will be discussed in a later article).

2) Brute force or dictionary
This IS not a ver efficient on for modern accounts, but for some sites like small companies this can be tested. in brute forcing or a dictionary attack you specify the target (Brutus is the best tool i've ever used, ahh sorry i can't put up a link cuz i cant find a valid link on the internet; maybe the site is banned :D After all if you want to be a hacker you must have skills, make it a challenge and find brutus :D) and either mentiona list of words or tel the app to try every single combination (dont use that unless you have a super computer)

3) Key Logging
I think this part shoould be covered in a seperate section. But this id also used ommonly in finding ones SECRETS. You logg evry bull$h!t that the target types then you can get the pwd of the accounts.

4) Staling Cookie
Dont work for many popular web sites, but indeen KEPP HOPES ON FORUMS :D

Hey why dont you juz ask for the pwd from your target :) makes things far more easier ;)

So this is a fair description i think? nah.?? okk i'gonna write a series of articles on these topics so that you'll get to know about the REAL THING.
But you have to PRACTISE. (Dont put me into the prison nyway :D)

In next chaps i'll cover up each of these seperately with (if possible) video or picture demos :D

C Yah


  1. Interesting!! and can i have your email address cause i really need to try hacking it! :D